Holding you in the sacred space of birth as you transform your inner and outer world.

Are you ready to feel nurtured, honoured and cared for?

I work for you as part of your birth team. We collaborate to best prepare you to give birth and enter motherhood feeling confident, resilient and powerful.

Just for YOU!

If you are looking for continual emotional, mental and physical support, not only for you, but also for your partner, I am here for you during this transformational time.
Be prepared, know your rights, access resources, dive deep within yourself- and you deserve all the love, support and nurturing along the way!

We create safety and trust together so you can surrender to the vast and potent in-between space of the birth portal.

Pregnancy and Birth

Resources, Birth Mapping, Sound Birth, Emotional, Mental, Physical Support.

Mother Blessings

Honour your rite of passage,  celebrate yourself, create a circle of  support. 


Belly casting, affirmation cards, personalised artwork. 

Why Choose me?

I want us to be aligned and the best doula for you.
If you value-
Emotional Presence
Personal Power

Then I might be the doula for you. Let's Connect. Let's Create Magic!


Throughout my "long" pregnancy, when I felt I just could not keep going you never cast judgement, only a supportive ear and a gentle reminder that I was in fact doing it. The attention to detail at my mother blessing and the stunning handmade affirmation cards were reminders of your artistic soul. I have never felt so held and honoured before and it was all down to you. When I entered the in-between, the weeks leading up to my birth, I felt so lost between the two worlds and you stayed by my side. There was something so powerful about your hands, you knew exactly where I needed the acupressure or the massage. The emotional and spiritual support you offered was so intuitive to my needs. I don't think I will ever stop thanking you for being my doula and friend and know that anyone that gets to have you in their birth space is truly honoured. 
I had a deep and profound experience participating in Anna's work. I felt safe and nurtured, steered gently through the process of the Limbic Imprint Recoding session with her calm and confident voice. The actual process itself was incredible. Looking back a few weeks on, it still stays with me very powerfully. Although it was in the style of guided meditation, it felt like a psychedelic tripI and I went into a mind altering state. I was crying, smiling, asking questions, finding answers and experiencing powerful sensations and emotions. As I come closer to birthing, this work with Anna helped me feel good and accepting to be who I am, as I am and fully ready to bring my baby in this world.
I had the most beautiful and wonderful Mother Blessing and sound meditation experience. The fears and worries of becoming a mother of three soon dissolves when you are surrounded by love and support. Thank you Anna for transforming my home into this amazing space and bringing all the good vibes.