Belly Casting
Affirmation Cards

perth artist doula

Belly Casting

Have your beautiful belly and breasts memorialised. This process involves making a plaster cast of your body and then I will add artwork, making it a piece that can be hung in your home. Also includes a guided meditation session after the casting to connect with your body, baby and experience of your pregnancy. From this you can give me feedback as to the colours and images that can inspire the artwork, approx 1.5 hr session.


Personalised Artwork

This is an optional add on for any birth package clients. In response to the time we spend together and your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey I will make an artwork that brings together different layers of the experience. The work will be a unique state print using various printmaking processes and framed. A memory for you and your baby to reflect on forever capturing the more abstract, subtle, subjective, magical aspects of your experience.


Affirmation Cards

Personalised and hand-made affirmation cards. This involves a guided fear-integration session (see ‘ceremony-ritual-mediation’ page) and exploration of what might be blocking you and what words will speak most directly to your subconscious to remind of what you need to remember when the road gets bumpy or the moment challenging. I make the cards with unique artwork and words specific to you, they will be a lasting reminder of your journey, experience and power. A 2 hr in person or online session and 9 hand made affirmation cards. 


If you have any questions about any of these options please contact me. These are highly personal and individualised artworks. They are all a unique way to record, capture and express this experience for you. Something you and your child can reflect on for years to come. For birth clients there is a discount for belly casting and affirmation cards.