Honouring rites-of-passage is an ancient tradition seen in all cultures across the planet. Our rites-of-passage happen whether we bring consciousness to them or not. And the experience we have at each of these times of transformation in our life is what teaches us about what our culture expects of us in our new role and how that role is valued, whether we realise it or not.  Jane Hardwicke Collings

Mother Blessing

Celebrate your rite-of-passage with a customised ceremony for you and up 12 guests. Feel honoured, nourished and loved up as we sit in a sacred circle of support and honour your transition from Maiden to Mother or renewed Motherhood. The ceremony can be tailored to you and your wishes. Usually I do a welcome, grounding meditation, a ritual (either bead or red thread), then we can make affirmation cards, do a burning ritual, a longer guided meditation, gather around you in a sound healing, whatever feels loving, comfortable, supportive and good for you and those attending. We can ask everyone to bring some food to share and have relaxed social time at the end of the ceremony. Everyone will take a candle home to re-light as you enter the birth portal. 3 hrs, all materials included, at your home or chosen location, including a catch up to discuss your wishes.


Menarche Ritual

Our first period is such an important moment in our life as a woman. It marks our transition away from childhood and how we experience this moment will set the tone for our lifelong relationship with our womanhood, body and menstrual cycle. In some cultures it is regarded as a visionary time (the same as when a male goes through a vision quest) in which we receive many insights and begin to connect more with our gifts and purpose (how we share our gifts with the world). In this ritual we will re-visit and re-experience this, most likely uncelebrated, previous rite-of-passage as preparation for the next one (birth). An opportunity to re-imprint your nervous system with what you would have liked to have received at this pivotal and tender initiation into womanhood, 2 hrs, all material included, at your home. Can be a session as part of Package #2/3.


Limbic Imprint Recoding

Our perception of the world during our early stages of development (gestation- around age 7) influences how we perceive and interact with the world today. This basic function of our nervous system to archive our interpretations of reality is called ‘limbic imprinting’. The limbic part of the brain is our emotional centre and controls such things as our likes/dislikes, preferences, tendencies, creativity, intimacy, addictions and anxiety. This guided meditation is part of the Birth into Being Method developed by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova. We re-visit the experience of your own birth, your first rite-of-passage, and create new imprints in the nervous system of being welcomed with love, joy and a gentle entry into the world, however you choose. A powerful tool in preparing you to give birth, the session is 2 hrs, at your home or on zoom. Also includes a follow-up/debrief call a couple of days after session. Can be a session as part of Package #2/3.


Fear Integration Session

This session helps to release the fear of fear. We don’t try to get rid of the fear, instead we move our body with the fear, we are present with the fear, we ask questions and we care for it and the needs underneath. We look and feel into the important message our fear has for us. This session can involve some tapping (eft), brain integration exercises, embodiment practices, and a guided meditation with the crystal bowl to drop deeply into yourself. We can chat about what might work best for you. Feel guided, supported, held and witnessed as you face your fear and come to a place where it no longer has control over you. This can be done as the session only or with handmade affirmation cards, 2 hrs. 

$150 or $250 with cards

You can book any of these sessions as stand alone/ individual sessions without hiring me as your doula. If you have the extra pre-natal sessions with me as part of Package #2 or #3 or as part of Package #4 you can choose the Menarche ritual or Limbic Imprint Recoding meditation or add the Mother Blessing for a discounted rate.